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More than 25 years have elapsed since we purchased that first bale of cotton batting and began making futons in our living room, sharing the space with a toddler and a nursing baby. Today, as we look back, we are filled with gratitude for the experience, for the loving help from friends and suppliers and customers, and for the pure joy of being able to create earth-friendly and people-friendly products that fulfill functions, whims and fancies with beauty and utility. From the cottage we have grown to two websites and two retail locations, and the nursing baby is now a partner.


Sachi Organics evolves out of our experience as Organic Cotton Alternatives, and our vision remains the same:

To create products that provide satisfaction and joy and to develop markets for such products that sustain and enrich this planet and the peoples who inhabit it.


We collaborate with organizations whose mission is to involve us in a partnership which sustains and encourages, rather than exploits, the rich craft heritage of communities around the world by buying only from democratically organized artisan co-ops that pay a fair price to the producers. We also buy from other manufacturers whose goal is to be in harmony with the planet by using environmentally sustainable raw materials and by employing conscientious production methods.

Please visit our sister site There you can view our extensive line of quality yoga and meditation products.

We at Sachi Organics believe we have quietly and creatively learned to communicate the joy of life through our products and the way we run our businesses. We hope you agree.


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