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Free Shipping on orders of $100+
Free Shipping on orders of $100+

Sachi Latex Mattress


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 AVAILABILITY                               Made to order. Ships in 4-5 weeks.

The Sachi Organics Latex Mattress featuring Dunlop Latex from organic latex fiber and covered in a quilted cotton fabric from organic fiber and Eco-Wool™ case.

Quilted cotton fabric from certified organic fiber and Eco-Wool™ outer casing. The inside is composed of three 3" thick layers of natural Dunlop Latex. We make each mattress to order and it can be soft, medium or firm.

Three layers of latex from organic fiber. latex provide comfort and support. The three layers are individually covered with a cotton fabric from certified organic cotton fiber.


Product Materials: Latex from certified organic fiber, Natural Wool covered in a fabric of cotton fiber. 
Each mattress is handmade to order in our Natural Mattress Production Studio in about 4-5 weeks and ships UPS ground.

Natural latex

Natural latex offers several outstanding advantages. This material is very elastic and flexible. Consequently, a natural latex mattress helps the body when tossing and turning, while optimally supporting the body during sleep. Natural latex also ensures excellent ventilation, so that surplus moisture is easily discharged. Last but not least, research has shown that natural latex gives bacteria, fungi and house dust mites no chance. Our supplier selects high-quality latex from selected and controlled certified plantations.  This latex is carefully tested before being used in the manufacturing process

Our Sachi Latex Mattresses are exclusively used at Ten Thousand Waves in Santa Fe, NM.

Custom Sizes

We can custom make this mattress to fit your antique bed frame, recreational vehicle, camper or just about anything you want to fit it to. Please call for more information and pricing. 

Shipping is included anywhere in the continental US.

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