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When will my order arrive? Orders will leave our shop 1-2* days from when they are placed. Please choose the appropriate shipping method to insure you get your order when you need it. *All pillows are shipped in 1-2 days. Quilts and toppers are made to order and take 2 weeks. Mattresses are made to order and take 3 weeks. Shipping We ship using UPS. All of the UPS shipping from options Next Day Air to SurePost are available on our website. Certified Organic "Certified Organic" means the item has been grown according to strict uniform standards that are verified by independent state or private organizations. Certification includes inspections of farm fields and processing facilities, detailed record keeping, and periodic testing of soil and water to ensure that growers and handlers are meeting the standards which have been set.  At Sachi Organics we use the highest quality Domestically Produced Certified Organic raw materials in our products.   Our Certified Organic Cotton is from the Texas Organic Cotton Marketing Cooperative TOCMC. Certified Organic buckwheat hulls from South Dakota and our all natural Premium Eco-Wool is sourced from small domestic farms.
Our Raw Materials
Organic Cotton
Our certified organic cotton is grown by a collective of small organic farmers from Lubbock Texas.

Natural Wool

We use all natural Premium EcoWool. EcoWool is ethically and domestically sourced from small farms mostly in California and Oregon. It's some of the most resilient and clean wool we have ever worked with.

  • Wool is extremely long-lasting. It can bend thousands of times without losing form.
  • Wool is water resistant.
  • Moisture is wicked to the inner surface of wool fibers. This allows wool to feel dry while it holds 30% of its weight in water.
  • Wool resists mildew & mold.
  • Wool bedding reduces and discourages dust-mites.
  • Wool fibers are resistant to dirt and stains.
  • Wool bedding helps people sleep more soundly.
  • Wool bedding acts as a natural air purifier. 
  • Wool is temperature-regulating. Wool garments are used from the hot desert to the coldest climates.
  • Wool fiber is completely natural and 100% bio-degradable.
  • Wool can naturally pass flame tests used in the bedding industry without the addition of chemical flame retardants

What makes our wool EcoWool ?

Our supplier has worked with primary wool providers to develop an evolving set of guidelines for EcoWool producers. The following guidelines encourage growers to produce higher quality wool that is grown in a thoughtful, sustainable manner. They also carefully choose and blend specific types of wool to make our batting exceptionally soft and resilient.

Growers rotate sheep to different pastures to allow vegetation to recover from grazing. Our wool also comes from farms that do not overstock their pastures. Overstocking and infrequent rotation produces soil erosion, higher amounts of invasive plants, and the need to bring in outside feed. Proper grazing techniques reduce soil erosion, create higher quality wool, and reduce the risk of sheep acquiring internal parasites.
Growers are encouraged to use trained sheep guardian dogs (rather than trapping, poisoning, or shooting) and the inclusion of other larger animals, such as llamas, to protect their flocks from predators. Predators play an important role in maintaining healthy ecosystems. 
Only certain kinds of medications and supplements can be used to treat Eco-sheep. Alternative caring methods are encouraged  to keep sheep healthy with fewer chemicals. Generally, sheep raised in open pastures are healthier and require less veterinary care.

We oppose the use of herbicides and pesticides on fields where sheep will be grazing. We are able to determine if wool has been in contact with harmful chemicals through random spot-testing. 

Our wool blends use wool from six to eight different breeds of sheep. Our blends are chosen to create strong, durable wool batting that retains its loft and resiliency longer. We use a mix of coarse and finer wools with varying crimps to achieve our special batting. 

Skirting is the process of removing less-desirable wool from the belly and rear of the sheep. This wool is separated on a skirting table and sold to other clients. Our wool is skirted at the time of shearing and checked again at the washing facility



Organic Latex is a milky substance harvested from rubber tree plants (Havea brasiliensis) which are grown in tropical climate plantations around the world. Most are located in Africa, Malaysia, South America, and Indonesia. Natural Latex is bio-degradable and naturally resistant to mold, mildew & bacteria. Harvesting the liquid latex is similar to tapping trees for maple syrup. The trees are not harmed, providing a sustainable resource.

Organic latex offers many benefits for use in sleep products. The elasticity, healthiness, and ability of Organic Latex to conform to your body, reducing pressure on your muscles and circulation is unsurpassed. The resulting benefits and luxurious comfort simply can’t be matched by synthetic latex.