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Free Shipping on orders of $100+
Free Shipping on orders of $100+


We make a variety of pillows because everybody has different comfort and support needs. From soft and luxurious feeling kapok to firmer and body conforming Japanese style organic buckwheat hulls and everything in between. Each pillow is carefully sewn, filled by hand and then sealed in a bag.

Our hull filled pillows conform to your body providing excellent support. We have different sizes for many uses. Filled with traditional organic buckwheat hulls or the softer feeling organic millet hulls. 

Our Rejuvenation and Shambho pillows are dual chambered pillows that provide the support of a hull pillow on one side and the softness of a sleeping pillow on the wool side. Ideal for side and back sleepers needing extra support.

Our Natural fiber filled bed pillows are covered with a cotton sateen fabric of organic fibers. Kapok is our softest filling and similar to a feather pillow. The wool is soft and comfortable. Woolybolas are soft and resilient. Great for those that like to scrunch up their pillows. Cotton is a little firmer than the wool pillows but still soft to the touch. The natural latex and wool is a soft and resilient pillow that provides nice cushy support.

Which pillow fill is best for me?
Light Fill: Great for stomach sleepers or those who like a thin pillow.
Regular Fill: Side and back sleepers.
Extra Thick Fill: Extra filling makes your pillow cozy and luxurious. This is great for side and back sleepers who want more support and thickness.

The sleeping pillows come in travel, standard, queen and king sizes. 

All our pillows feature a zipper so you can easily adjust the loft to best suit your comfort needs.