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Crescent Meditation Set

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Crescent & Zabuton Meditation Set
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Sage Green cotton canvas casing

    Meditation enhances a positive attitude towards self. Our meditation cushion set includes a crescent meditation cushion and a zabuton.

    The Crescent cushion design provides extra support for your legs and thighs while meditating. It is filled with Organic Buckwheat Hulls and has a carrying handle for easy transportation. The fabric is a all natural brushed canvas.

    Zabutons are floor sitting cushions designed to go underneath meditation cushions. They protect ankles, feet and knees from hard surfaces and cold floors. Made with all natural cotton batting and encased in a durable canvas with a separate removable / washable cover. Our premium cotton batting will offer years of comfortable support for your meditation practice.

    Product Materials: 10oz natural cotton canvas, organic buckwheat hulls, natural cotton.
    Crescent Dimensions : 22" long, 14" deep, 4.5" tall 

    Zabuton Dimensions : 27" x 30" x 2" tall 


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