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Free Shipping on orders of $150+
Free Shipping on orders of $150+

Latex & Wool Pillow


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 AVAILABILITY                              We hand fill each pillow order and ship in 3-5 days.
Our latex and wool is made from an all natural latex rubber pillow form wrapped with Premium Eco-Wool™. The pillow is soft, smooth and very resilient. The latex pillow core provides superior support for your head and neck and the wool helps create a soft and smooth feeling. It is covered in a cotton sateen fabric, which is both soft and durable. All our pillows feature a zipper access the filling.

Recommended for side and back sleepers.

What is Eco-Wool™? Eco-Wool™ is entirely derived from regional/domestic flocks of sheep that are raised following industry-leading sustainability and cruelty free standards. All of our wool is purchased from the best farms in the country. It is required that the wool has a minimal amount of vegetable matter and is not treated with any harsh chemicals. Carding equipment then removes vegetable matter from the wool in 6 different steps, eventually producing the signature wool batting.

Our Premium Eco Wool™ is domestically sourced.  The pillow is hand made in our production studio in Albuquerque, NM.

Product MaterialsNatural Latex and Natural Wool batting. Covered in a sateen fabric of organic cotton fibers.

This pillow contains no flame retardants and is chemical free.

The pillow is hand made in our production studio in Albuquerque, NM.

Natural fiber pillows will compress over time but they remain comfortable and supportive.

The wool fill will compress but it will remain comfortable and supportive. The natural latex pillow core holds its shape over time.